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How long has Seaside High School had a FIRST Robotics Team?

Seaside's freshman year with FIRST was in 2010, when we formed the C.Y.B.O.R.G. Seagulls. Before that, we had participated for a couple years in the Oregon Gaming Project Competition (OGPC) program. We competed first as the "Pixel Coders" (2009) and then changing to "Divide By Zero" (2010). During the Summer of 2010, our head coach Mike Brown learned about the FIRST program. After exploring the program, we formed Team 3673.

I'd like to join robotics, but I got all this homework, and sports, and stuff...

No problem! Almost every member of Team 3673 is involved with another school activity, whether it is sports, music, public service. Not to mention the homework that everyone has to go through! Members often bring their homework with them and use spare time to work on it. With so many students, it is also easier to find someone who can answer your question about the homework.

Also, Team 3673 does not have an absolute strict schedule like other sports do. We want people to show up as much as possible, but we aren't evil about it. We understand that people's lives are full and we want to work with members. The more time you devote, the more you will get out of the program.

I'd like to join, but I'm a bit short on cash...

No problem! Membership is absolutely free! We want to encourage as many people as possible to join, so there is no cost! The flip side is that our team has to raise more money through donations and sponsors.

How did you come with the name C.Y.B.O.R.G. Seagulls?

This was an interesting venture. We had to come up with a team name while meeting the filing deadline. Our coaches requested that we create a name that was:
1) School related
2) Robotics/S.T.E.M. related.
After we ran through our favorite technology refrences (Sky Net, Nikkola Tesla, etc.) we were stuck. We had already designed our original logo, (which was based off our school logo, Terminator, and Short Circuit), so we decided to base our name off of an idea of "robotic seagull". We also decided to use a acronym for our name. From there, it was a few us sitting in front a white board until we developed our current acronym.

What are you guys trying to accomplish?

Our goal is to have an educational experience that will open the world of science and technology to students. We are encouraging team work, co-operation, gracious professionalism, and teaching students how to function as a group. We are learning to untilize several new resources, build and use tools that many of us have never seen before, and take a step in a new direction of learning.

How can I help with this program?

We are always very gracious for help. This can be done by donations of money to help buy supplies, offer insight into engineering and technology, and just by spreading the word about the C.Y.B.O.R.G. Seagulls! Please see the sponsors page for donation information or the contacts page to get in touch with us.