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The Sponsor Banquet Dinner

Saturday, December 17th, The CYBORG Seagulls are hosting a banquet dinner at the Pacific Grange in Warrenton. The goal of this dinner is to gain community support and awareness of our team, along with showing returning community members what we have done over this past year, and what we plan to do this year. This coming season shows great promise for our team, with new members, new ideas, and lots of new projects, we hope we can do better than we have in years past.


We've gone farther than ever before this year, earning a second place medal at Wilsonville (Competition Videos, search for 3673!) and a third placing in Oregon City (Videos). We'd like to thank everyone who had a hand in making this our best season ever. Our team, sponsors, mentors, alliances, and many more. Next year we'll do even better, and go even farther!

The 2016 Season begins! Huzzah!

We have gotten our task, (YouTube link here: FIRST Robotics 2016 Game Reveal), and we are eager to compete in the FIRST Stronghold challenge! In this challenge we will have some fun storming the castle! Not only will we have our magnificent team, but we will be joined by two other teams in this venture. We all must cross difficult obstacles in our journey to the other team's castle, (fortunately no ROUS), both with our teams at the wheel, and the robots by themselves in autonomous mode. Not only that, but we must shoot the enemy to earn points and weaken their defenses. It seems like a daunting task, but we know we can do it, just like we know the average weight of an unladen swallow and how we know the Earth to be banana-shaped. Our glorious invention will storm the opposite team's castle and destroy it in the name of science!