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Team Roster

22-23 Team Roster

Greg Dotson

Haley Wilding

Jack Walker
Programming Mentor

Andrew Gooch
CAD Mentor

Noah Herman
Team Captain

Isaiah Salinas
Engineering Team Lead

Sam Cox
Business Manager

Brodie Wozniak
Programming Captain

Tyler Byrd
Drive Team

Mikel Walker




Who are we?

We are future engineers, programmers, mathematicians, scientists, Web Developers and Graphic Designers.
We are the C.Y.B.O.R.G. Seagulls, Team 3673. Our past rosters can be found Here

What's FIRST?

FIRST Robotics is an amazing program that teaches students that Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) are not only rewarding, but fun. In the world we live in it has become more evident that the world needs STEM students and the FIRST robotics program is a way of obtaining that goal. Every year they hold numerous competitions that teach students the practical applications of STEM while having fun.
Please, check out their website at http://www.usfirst.org/ to learn more.

What's the difference between robotics and conventional sports?

The largest difference is in the way teams treat one another or what we call, gracious professionalism. In conventional sports you don't give the other teams your game plan, in robotics you want too. FIRST robotics isn't about winning, it's about learning.

What's Gracious Professionalism?

Gracious professionalism is good sports-man-ship to the extreme. During competition if a part breaks you can announce it over the intercom and teams come running. The part you need can range anywhere from a single screw to a expensive 300 dollar motor. Sure, we're team 3673 but we are also team FIRST.